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Due to recent tariff increases the price of our Finger Bags will be increasing on August 10, 2020.

Finger (Compartment) Bags to Protect Your Cigars

These finger bags are designed to protect your cigars either in storage or transit. We have 1, 3 and 5 finger bags available. Our bags are designed to be durable to better protect your cigars -- they are manufactured from 3 mil polyethylene. The zipper is also designed for extra durability.

One Finger Cigar Bag Three Finger Cigar Bag Five Finger Cigar Bag Cigars In A Three Finger Cigar Bag

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Our bags are sold in bundles of 100 bags.

  • One finger bags (2.25" x 8.5") -- accommodates up to a 64RG cigar -- cost $10 per bundle
  • Three finger bags (6" x 8.5") -- accommodates up to a 70RG cigar -- cost $11 per bundle
  • Five finger bags (8" x 8.5") -- accommodates up to a 60RG cigar -- cost $12 per bundle

For orders within the United States:

  • Shipping for 1 to 4 bundles of One finger bags costs $8.

  • Shipping for 1 bundle of Three finger bags costs $8.
  • Shipping for 2 to 5 bundles of Three finger bag costs $15

  • Shipping for 1 bundle of Five finger bags costs $8.
  • Shipping for 2 to 5 bundles of Five finger bag costs $15.

You can place your order by filling out the form below.

For orders outside of the United States or for orders of more than 500 bags please fill out the form below for a quote.

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Item DescriptionUnit CostQuantityTotal Cost
Bundles of 100 Five Finger Bags$12.00  
Bundles of 100 Three Finger Bags$11.00  
Bundles of 100 One Finger Bags$10.00  
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Total Cost$0.00